Sunday, August 1, 2010

History and Herstory

So, it's been a while since i've done anything with this... thing. So, i thought i might put up a few photos to give a little update on some fun activities i've been up to. And, also, give a little glimpse into my life here. Enjoy!

These are two of the hardest working people in my village: Angela Mukalula (L), the Vice Chariwoman and Fanny Chisha (R), the Chairwoman for the Tubombeshe Women's Club, in our maize fields.

These are my members of my famliy and Women's group I started. We were celebrating Cinco BaMayo, a little tradition here in Northern Province. From Left to right, top row: BanaArron(1st wife to Sabe), Bertha Mulenga (My Bamayo), Mable Sabe(2nd wife to Sabe), Angela Mukalula (the ViceChairWoman for the Tubombeshe Women's Club), Fanny Chisha (the ChairWoman for the Tubombeshe Women's Club), Angela's son, me, Sabe, Mr. Mulenga (Husband to Fanny), Mr. Stephen Mulenga Chilambwe (My Batata). The two guys in the front row were priests I had invited from town, one a missionary from Mexico and the other from Zambia.

These are ALL the Mexicans in the Northern Province of Zambia (that I know of), representing with pride our heritage for Cinco BaMayo. John Boso, Maralf Jimenez, and me!

Here's me doing my evening routine. Sitting with a cup of coffee on my stoop, reading and being pestered by the neighborhood kids from time to time.

Below is the view from where I sit when I'm reading.

This is at the Close of Service party we had for some volunteers returning to the States. Its so sad to see them go!!! So, we all dressed up like amaguys! It's difficult to explain. Christine

Another dress up party. Me with my friend Meera. This time it was awkward middle school dance!

This is when Gerry visited! This a community School that I work with!

This is at the Northwestern Peace Corps Provincial House for Easter. Makin a splash! SHINANIGANS!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ah, zambia

Ricardo: I got stung by a f***ing wasp this morning.
Ricardo: Oh. By the way, a snake fell down our well today.
me: WHAT
what does that mean :(
Ricardo: Ya. So. I got a goddamn snake down there.
That i'll be drinking water and bathing in snake piss and s**t and venom until i, or someone gets it out.
me: can you get it out? how..what..
Ricardo: With the bucket. Pull it up. Beat it.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Ric is going to hitch to North Western province to spend Easter with his very amazing friend Stevie and equally amazing Brittany. Stevie and Brittany are the two volunteers from Ric's in-take (meaning, the group of people he came with) to be stationed in this far off region where sometimes fresh vegetables are scarce, and transportation even scarcer. They're amazing women for handling it and flourishing in this environment. Good luck Ric, don't let your sunglasses or hat fly off when you're on the back of that truck!
stevie, keepin' it real in Malawi
Ric hitching with Peace Corps volunteers Maurice and Joan
(both from his province, Northern)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

laundry day!

Ric says of laundry day: "This is what i do sundays to avoid going to church! Seriously. Laundry is my excuse. But, in all honesty, its the only day i know i won't have meetings or 'real' work..."

The other pictures are of his dish rack and a wall in his hut on which he hangs a "count down calendar" i made him. Underneath it is his cat Fuego (don't ask).

Saturday, October 17, 2009


This weekend marked a round of elections for the parlimentary seat in Kasama. There was some violence in the area when the results were being announced, so Peace Corps asked all the volunteers to stay in the compound for the weekend. In other words: LOCK DOWN!
Ric says, "Here's what us K-town kids do when kasama is burning itself down before the polling places open. Ya for democracy!"

The last picture is of the make shift tent shanty town Ric and his friends created when camping at the Wonder Gorge. Their ride was late picking them up so they were stuck in the heat.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

burning the fields, getting ready to plant seeds

Monday, September 28, 2009

Update time

Reading by candlelight. [I think this is a blatant fire hazard]
I'm pretty sure this is one of Ric's "brothers"
Some of the lovely ladies at the Thorne Tree House making a big lunch for an event
Lunch at the local 5 pin restaurant in Kasama
Ric making tortilla for the welcome dinner for the
new Peace Corps volunteers entering the Northern Province
Ric's "little sister" playing with the smoke coming out of Ric's cooking shelter
Ellyn at the internet cafe in Kasama.
Ric being...Ric. Making dinner for Joan, Ellyn, Laura, and a few others who stayed behind after they went camping at Chisembe Falls a few weeks ago

Everyone getting settled in at the Northern Province Peace Corps house
to watch LOST [they watched the entire season in one sitting i think!]